About Us

With the intention to bring in world-class machines of outstanding quality, we introduce ourselves as a reputed manufacturer, offering international standard post-press machinery.

Since childhood, our Proprietor, Mr. Alhad Gandre was fascinated in making and manufacturing of notebooks. Getting the first hand experience from his father’s manufacturing establishment, Samrat Book Mfg. Co., he further completed his education in the same stream, completing Engineering, in PRINTING field gave him the edge of both theoretical as well as practical knowledge about the printing industry.

Laying The Foundation:
With 3 years of sleepless day and night efforts TapeMaster was invented alongwith our Research and development team. Today, we are proud to announce that this technology has been PATENTED by the Government of India since last 5 years. With the same dedication and efforts Samrat and STITCHmaster were invented which was conceived, conceptualized and developed by our R & D team. There is no machine existing in the world at present, based on these concepts.

For The Customers
Many simplified products are available for our customers; we will do what we can to earn your business and respect. With Reputation for Precision, Quality, Adaptability and Service, STALLION Innovative Machines looks towards the future with focus continued to be “quality, innovation, teamwork and service”. We will be delighted to offer, best of our products and services possible, for the rest of your life. We always look forward for long-terms business relationship with each of our customer as we are confident on our machines and so will you be. Having such masterpieces in your factory, will certainly appreciate your pride, production and value.
From The CEO
Quality first, customer supreme and solely new concept has been constantly perfecting our internal mechanism. We pay special attention to internal management, active to accept the feedback, bring about virtuous circle and manufacture excellent equipment so as to match the customer expectations.
Quality is our Motto, so, we do not deliver machines unless it is thoroughly checked multiple times through our different quality control measures.

The client list assures our Motto as there are no-unsuccessful machines delivered anywhere. We design, develop and build machines in such way that there would be minimum maintenance incurred, as, we like to provide trouble free machines because we ourselves are well aware of the emergencies break-down dilemmas.

....Alhad Gandre

Present Scenario
Primarily through repeat business and referrals, the business continued to grow to meet demand for quality production.

Today, STALLION has a huge manufacturing facility at Mumbai in the heart of Engineering area. Quality, innovation, and customer commitment is present in our superb product line, and in the development manufacturing use. As always, STALLION is continuously striving to improve our products through new technology, improved production techniques, state of the art machinery line and ongoing research and development efforts; along with rigid quality control, vital customer feedback and extensive field testing.
Future Prospects
STALLION is devoted to give new innovative products to post-press industry and help their hectic and tiresome manual process to be converted into automation.
A strong commitment to book manufacturer’s problem-solving, a can-do attitude and innovative ideas, along with a growing core of dedicated employees, helped the business to evolve. Matched to specific customer needs, STALLION has a solution for virtually every production requirement. Our policy is to invent new machines which upgrade work cycle.

Today we are proud to announce that we have 9 state-of-the-art machines, invented by us and are successfully installed all over India with all truly satisfied customers.
Our goal is to introduce many such inventions in future.
Quality Policy
The company regularly and constantly invites, evaluates and monitors feedback on customer satisfaction so as to measure our performance against prescribed requirements and ascertain our capability of meeting needs and expectations of customers and interested parties.

The company systematically sets objectives and benchmarks, recognizes best practices and implements programmes for continual improvement of quality, which means fulfilling customers’ requirements at lowest costs and at all times.

This policy has been approved by the Strategy and Policy Committee. It will be reviewed, and if necessary revised, annually to keep up to date and will be released on our company website. We welcome interested parties’ comments on the enforcement of the policy and the policy itself.